School Fees


The purpose of St. Mary’s fees policy is to establish a procedure for the prompt payment of school fees and levies. The prompt payment of fees enables efficient school administration. The following fees policy shall apply to all Parents or Guardians responsible for payment of such fees. This policy shall also apply to the payment of fees associated with any extra curricular activity provided by the school in arrangement with any Parents/Guardians.

1. The School Education Board and the Parish Priest decides the annual school fees and levies at St Mary’s. The fees at St. Mary’s are deliberately kept very low as a financial consideration to parents.

2. The annual school fees and levies will be billed at the beginning of Term 1. All fees and levies must be paid by the end of Term 3.

3. It is recognised that occasionally and for reasons not able to be foreseen some parents/guardians will experience extreme financial or personal hardship which will make payment of fees by the due date not possible. It is the request of the school that any parents/guardians who are in this situation make immediate contact with the Principal, and after informed discussion, special consideration in relation to the payment of fees may be given to those families experiencing difficulty. Any special fee payment arrangements agreed to with any parents/guardians would be subject to regular consultation and review by St. Mary’s School. Under such special arrangements, parents/guardians will be required to sign an ‘Agreement for Payment of Outstanding Fees’.








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