At St Mary’s, we acknowledge that Literacy is the foundation for life long learning and critical to the children’s education as it underpins all areas of the curriculum and  develops skills which allow for successful interaction in our society.

During Literacy at St Mary’s, students learn to appreciate language and develop the ability to use it to recount, socialize, inform, discuss, convey ideas, persuade, entertain and debate. Students are engaged in a balanced Literacy Program which incorporates reading, viewing, writing, comparing, researching and talking about all forms of texts. Comprehension, grammar and spelling, with direct instruction in phonics and word study, are taught explicitly in the context of reading and writing. Instruction is differentiated as it supports the reading and writing skill development of each student. Assessment-based planning is at the core of our curriculum. There is a two hour daily literacy block including an hour for reading and an hour for writing. Lessons consist of a whole class focus followed by small group activities/teaching and then conclude with whole class sharing. Students are presented with a wide range of experiences and resources that will stimulate and enrich their language development. Teaching groups are fluid and flexible, changing according to need.

Literacy Intervention Programs include Reading Recovery and Bridges.

Reading Recovery is a school-based early intervention program, designed to assist the learning of grade 1 students so that they can participate fully in classroom activities. Reading Recovery maximises engaged learning time through one-to-one teaching. It is based on structured, focused teaching using running records and other observation of literacy behaviours to guide instruction and match teaching to the learning needs of the individual student. The Reading Recovery teacher provides an individual program in half hourly sessions each day of the week for each student in the program. The Reading Recovery teacher is a highly skilled literacy teacher who is able to support and share knowledge with colleagues.

The Bridges program is an intervention program provided for students in Grades 2-6 who are in need of extra support in reading and writing.


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