Health & Physical Education

We value the development of our students’ self esteem, communication skills and confidence by providing opportunities for growth and social skills development through a dynamic program based on the individual needs of our children.

The students at St Mary’s participate in weekly Physical Education lessons. The program focuses on developing complex motor skills and applying these skills in complex games and activities. The program in the junior grades focuses on the development of Fundamental Motor Skills (catching, kicking, running, jumping, throwing, ball bounce, leaping, dodging, skipping, forehand strike), athletics and gymnastics. In the senior grades, we apply these skills to sport-specific games such as netball, football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, cricket, softball, rounders, newcombe, skipping, European handball, tennis, athletics and gymnastics.

The students work independently to improve performance in small groups, with peers and as a class. They learn to follow rules and procedures. Students learn how to use equipment and space safely, how to use tactics to improve game performance and how to describe and analyse the various roles required in competitive sport. The program also includes fitness development and focuses on improving each individual child’s fitness level.

In addition to the weekly Physical Education lessons, students participate in a variety of sporting programs throughout the school. For example, the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for the Junior School, swimming, tennis, interschool sports, swimming carnival, athletic days, taekwondo and Blue Earth.





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