Technology at St Mary's

Google for Education

In 2016, St Mary’s became a Google for Education School in collaboration with the Catholic Education Office Melbourne. With the use of Chromebooks, Google Apps and GSuite for Education teachers and students have been able to create, collaborate, distribute assignments, send and receive feedback in a way which was previously unachievable.

Students work is stored on their Google Drive which is secured and managed by our IT staff.  All student online activity such as email, web browsing and app access is monitored.

Our staff and students abide by a strict ICT Policy to ensure the safe and responsible use of technology.


At St Mary’s, St Kilda East we support the right of all members of the school community to access safe and inclusive learning environments, including digital and online spaces.


At St Mary’s we:

Have programs in place to educate our students to be safe and responsible users of digital technologies;

Provide information about digital access issues such as online privacy, intellectual property, and copyright;

Supervise and support students using digital technologies in the classroom;

Use clear protocols and procedures to protect students working in online spaces.

Provide a filtered internet service to block inappropriate content;

Use online sites and digital tools that support students’ learning;

Address issues or incidents that have the potential to impact on the wellbeing of our students;

Support parents and caregivers to understand the safe and responsible use of digital technologies and strategies that can be implemented at home.

(extract - St Mary’s Acceptable Use Agreement)


Current User Infrastructure

Our Junior classes, currently have access to a classroom interactive whiteboard, a class set of iPads and the Computer Lab which is fitted out with 22 desktops.

Our Senior classes, currently have access to a classroom interactive whiteboard, 60 Chromebooks and the Computer Lab.

We are currently implementing a Technology Device Plan to upgrade our current student Chromebooks and classroom iPads. In 2018, staff members were issued new laptops to support the learning and teaching, with an emphasis on developing online communication with students, parents, and colleagues.  

In 2019, we aim to implement a 1:1 student Chromebook initiative for our senior students based on the understanding that a Chromebook is a tool to increase engagement and achievement; not a replacement for a caring, passionate and driven teacher.

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