Our School

St Mary's is a Catholic Parish Primary School situated in the bayside suburb of St. Kilda East, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is located on the corner of Westbury Street and Dandenong Road and is in close proximity to Christian Brother's College and Presentation College, Windsor. We offer grades from Foundation to Year 6, and offer a caring, friendly, family environment. There is a strong link between parish, school and family where the ethos of Christ's teaching is expounded, taught, practised and revered.

Opportunities are provided for instruction and participation in rituals and rites of our faith. At St Mary's we believe children should be happy and experience success so as to develop confidence and a good self-esteem. We provide experience through our extensive curriculum to achieve this and we are always striving to keep abreast of developments to provide children with the best education.

Our teachers at all levels are experienced and dedicated. Programs are sequential, activity-based, challenging and stimulating, leading to an ability to learn independently. The cultural differences within our school enhance the school community.

We believe the school should be an extension of the home where each individual is cared for and loved. Parents are encouraged to be an integral part of the life of the school. Children are also encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their learning and behaviour.



214 Dandenong Road St Kilda East 3183 Victoria Tel: 03 9510 7420 Fax: 03 9510 7872 Send us an e-mail