Mass was first celebrated in a hotel on the corner of St. Kilda Road and High Street, on Sunday 4th September, 1853. The group of migrants who attended the Mass, finding some prosperity from gold and farming, had clear aims- education for their children and a place for their worship. By the end of the following year, the church, school and presbytery were built.

In the 1850's, St Mary's Mission, as the parish was then called, was attached to the Brighton Mission extending to the Port Phillip Heads in the south and the Bunyip River in the east. A small brick church-school was erected by Father Niall, who was in charge of the Mission, on the site of the present Church in 1853. This was a great step forward from the tent which preceded as both Church and School.

In 1862, St Mary's was separated from the Brighton Mission. The first resident priest appointed, Rev. Edward McCarthy, died within a few months.


Today we thank God and wonder at the achievements of this first generation of parishioners, and of many others since, who have made this parish one of the premier parishes of the diocese.


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