Parental Involvement

Your children’s educational development is enriched by active participation of parents and groups from within and outside the school community.

Parent's do not need to be highly quailified academically to assist their children with schoolwork, however they need to be interested and this interest must be obvious to the child. Parents must demonstrate that school is important - it is not enough to just tell the child that school is important.

Parents may assist a child's attitude towards school by being involved in the school's activities. This is showing the child that his/her parents are interested in the school they attend.

We encourage parental involvement at St Mary's, and therefore we would like to invite parents to;

  • Feel free to speak to the Principal on any matters
  • Assist in the classroom as a parent helper
  • Share in liturgical celebrations, level and whole school assemblies and sporting events
  • Keep informed about the school through the school newsletter and website
  • Be available for parent/teacher interviews and any other meetings concerning your child
  • Share in fundraising activities and events
  • Take on auxiliary roles within the school - assisting with reading and numeracy support in the classroom, participation in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP), working bees and special project school projects.
  • Discussing your children’s school day with them, read to and with your children at home

All parent helpers must have a current Working With Children Check Card.


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