From the Principal


Welcome to St Mary's,
We honour and promote diversity within our community. Our families come from twenty different nationality backgrounds, and excitingly we have some Indigenous families within our school. 
We are a school steeped in tradition as we commenced in St Kilda East over one hundred and sixty five years ago.

The St Mary’s community is interested in exploring what part we may play in the offering of a vision for a new Catholic P-12 co-educational precinct in St Kilda East. This comes about because of the closure of PCW and CBC becoming co-educational in 2021. Both of these schools are closely aligned to St Mary’s.   
The closest co-educational Catholic Secondary College to St Kilda is Frankston in the South and Dandenong in the East.  There fore the St Kilda East precinct covers a very wide catchment area in the southern suburbs.
The challenge for us at St Mary’s and all other Catholic schools is to make sure that we continue to be explicit about our Catholicity and celebrate it with all the other religious beliefs within the community.  One of the key areas that we at St Mary’s help us to show our Catholic dimension is through our Faith Based Inquiry, where children and teachers dialogue with each other about the different dimensions that they are discovering in their Inquiry unit. Our Buddhist, Hindu, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, and no religious denomination children all have so much to contribute to all areas of Faith Based Inquiry and the dialogue they have with our Catholic children and teachers helps us to all learn together and hopefully helps us all to strengthen our beliefs.
As a Catholic Primary school we want to continue to stand out that we are proud of our Catholic heritage and love to stand out as a Catholic School. It is crucial that visitors to our school, when they enter St Mary’s can identify that we are proud of our Catholicity and continue to offer a different culture, curriculum and ethos than other non-Catholic primary schools. Over the next five to ten years, the challenge for us all is to continue to maintain momentum for our Catholic Identity as our Catholic Church continues to be challenged with more and more people questioning its significance.
At St Mary’s the time is right for all of us to celebrate explicitly the significance of all the religious dimensions that make up our diverse community. Let us continue to dialogue with each other so that we all expand our learning in all religious faiths and at the same time stand proud of our Catholic Identity and continue to expand it further.  


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