Digital Technology

Digital Technology at St Mary's School


Google for Education

In 2016, St Mary’s Primary School, became a Google for Education School in collaboration with the Catholic Education Office Melbourne. With the use of Chromebooks, Google Apps and GSuite for Education teachers and students have been able to create, collaborate, distribute assignments, send and receive feedback in a way which was previously unachievable. 

Our students work is stored on their Google Drive (cloud based) which is secured and managed by our Information Technology provider, PlexusIT. All student online activity is monitored. Our staff, parents and students abide by a strict ‘eLearning Policy' to ensure the safety, privacy of all school members and the responsible use of technology.



Our Current User Infrastructure

At the end of 2019, St Mary’s implementing a Technology Device Plan to upgrade our current student Chromebooks, Desktop Computers and iPads. 100 Chromebooks were purchased, which are currently shared between our Year 3 to Year 6 classes at a ratio of less than 1:2 students. A further, 25 Desktop Computers were purchased, which are currently in sets of five in each of our Foundation to Year 2 classes. 36 iPads were purchased, which are in sets of 8 in our Foundation to Year 2 classes. In 2018, staff members were issued new laptop computers to support the learning and teaching, with an emphasis on developing online communication with students, parents, and colleagues.


The purchase of devices are based on the understanding that a technology device is a tool to increase engagement and achievement; not a replacement for a caring, passionate and driven teacher.


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