Health & Physical Education

At St Mary’s we believe the Health and Physical Education program promotes lifelong participation in physical activity through the development of attitudes, skills and movement competence. The program facilitates learning about factors, including nutrition, that promote and protect the physical, social, cultural and emotional health of individuals.

That the students at St Mary’s will:

·      participate in an enjoyable health and physical education curriculum

·      develop greater motor skills and movement competence, health –related physical fitness and sport education.

·      develop an appreciation of fair play and honest competition and sporting behaviour

·      be encouraged and work towards fitness, participation and appreciation of physical activity

·      be provided with a range of experiences and activities that take into consideration all students interests and previous experiences

·      develop an understanding of how to improve the quality and control of their performance

·      develop a positive self - image and self esteem

·      develop skills in all areas so that they can develop skills in sports and games in and out of school

·      develop a greater awareness of the importance of safety in all physical activities

·      develop an understanding of their emotional and physical growth and development

·      develop an acceptance and understanding of others


At St Mary’s:

·         Health and Physical Education is an essential learning area of The Victorian Curriculum and at our school a sequential course of study is based on this document.

·         Health and Physical Education encompasses the following components: Movement and Physical Activity, as well as Personal, Social and Community Health

·      The Health curriculum is part of the Faith Based Inquiry Scope and Sequence taught by classroom teachers

·      Physical Education as well as components of the Health curriculum are taught by the specialist Physical Education Teachers

·      Two Physical Education teachers are employed to take PE classes for 45 minutes lessons every week

·      The Physical Education teachers take responsibility for coordinating twilight sports, interschool sports and other whole school sports days

·      All students will have access to the Physical Education program. Learning Support Officers will assist in Physical Education classes where a student needs extra assistance

·      All students will be expected to participate in a yearly swimming program

·      The students in Years 5 & 6 will be involved in the interschool sports program

·      Outside groups and associations will be used to enhance the Health and Physical Education Program

·      Communication between parents, students and teachers will take place in order to enhance the Health and Physical Education program across the school

·      Any students who participates in the Holt Sporting Division of Interschool Sports must sign the participants Code of Conduct

·      Reports are written twice yearly based on the students learning

·      The Physical Education teachers will be responsible in purchasing sporting equipment for the school. This will be done in a coordinated way


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