The Arts - (Visual Arts)

At St Mary’s we try to develop the children’s awareness of art and develop skills in creating art work. We offer students experiences with drawing, printing, collage, 2D and 3D construction, painting and modelling. The children complete the process of creating and making and follow this by displaying work throughout the school and in the Art Show that is held every two years. This allows exploration and response to art works created by the children. Art surrounds us every day, appreciating it in our life is a part of a balanced education.

At St Mary’s we aim to ensure that:

·      Children experience drawing, print making, collage, threads and textiles, 2D & 3D construction and modelling

·      Children are aware of process/skills used to complete a task

·      Children follow and incorporate own creative plans and thoughts with learnt skills to carry out a project

·      Children feel confident and safe in the Art room environment to offer and accept constructive criticism and feedback

·      Children use tools safely and appropriately

·      Children observe art around them in different scenarios i.e. YouTube, laneways, Art galleries, graffiti, art installations

·      Children respect the differences and variations in the way we might complete the same project

·      Children work together and as part of a team in some situations

·      There are wet and dry working areas, seating space, storage for new and recycled materials.

·      All St Mary’s students will complete 60 minutes of Visual Art per fortnight

·      Students will be taught lessons based on the Victorian Curriculum

·      Lessons will cover drawing, print making, painting, collage, threads and textiles, 2D & 3D construction and modelling

·      Students will be exposed to a range of artworks and artists from a variety of social and cultural contexts including styles from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

·      In addition to creating artworks, students will respond to and make connections with art through games, discussion and reflection

·      Some activities will be group activities based on cooperation, sharing ideas, communication and developing ideas

·      Assessment is done individually by viewing, photographing work and anecdotal records

·      Assessment records are used for reporting and also for forward planning of new units of work and developing new areas to be built on

·      Reports are written twice yearly based on student learning

·      The Visual Arts Budget caters for all new products that we use. 


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