Languages - Italian

At St Mary’s we believe it is important to provide students with the challenge and opportunity to study a language other than English as a means to enhance their understanding, awareness and appreciation of Australian society as a multicultural and multi-lingual community within the context of the global world. In so doing, we believe that we are giving student vital skills that will enable them to participate in a broad range of experiences in the future use of the Italian language in social and cultural settings including leisure work and study.

We aim to:

·      Give students an enjoyable and successful experience in learning a language other than English

·      Enable students to develop the important communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Italian

·      Enable students to communicate in Italian via a meaningful and wide range of language activities

·      Give students an understanding and appreciation of Italian culture

·      Develop in students, a positive attitude towards cultural and linguistic diversity and expose them to traditions, customs and lifestyle of another cultural group

·      Give students a solid grounding in the basics of LOTE thereby enabling them to successfully continue studying LOTE at secondary school and in further education

·      Foster in students the attitude that learning a language other than English is valuable and is a crucial tool in enhancing their participation in a multicultural and global society

At St Marys:

·      Italian is taught from Foundation to Year 6

·      Each class is allocated a forty five minute session each week

·      Units of work are planned to enable and ensure a sequential acquisition of the language from Foundation to Year 6

·      Where possible the Italian taught each term is aligned to the Faith Based Inquiry unit

·      Selection of unit topics is guided by the Australian Curriculum and Italian F-10 Scope & Sequence with consideration given to student interest and special events

·      Italian lessons entail the use of a variety of teaching methods, strategies and resources (including ICT)

·      Assessment is a constant and ongoing process

·      A range of assessment tools and tasks are used to monitor and demonstrate each student’s knowledge and ability with Italian

·      The main emphasis of teaching is on communication and interaction in Italian

·      Students are encouraged to develop an awareness of how they learn best and adopt strategies to achieve success in their learning of Italian

·      An Italian Day is held every second year.


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