At St. Mary’s we believe the Library should provide an environment, which supports and encourages the spiritual, cultural, academic and recreational potential of the school community. The Library is seen as an integral part of the school that provides a welcoming, secure and supportive environment for all.


The Library provides quality resources that are centrally catalogued and easily accessible. We have resources and personnel necessary to develop and encourage information literacy, good study habits and a love of literature. 


The Library also endeavours to meet the challenges and changes in information literacy and technology of the 21st Century to encourage informed decision makers and life-long learners.

We believe that the school library, through fostering a love of Literature and the use of information technology, can have a positive impact on student’s self-esteem, confidence, independence and sense of responsibility in regard to their own learning.

The Library at St. Mary’s aims to…..

  • Play an active, effective and integral role in the school’s overall educational policy.
  • Encourage the use of Information Technology enabling the school community to research effectively and present information in a variety of ways.
  • Consider the diverse interests, cultures and expectations of the users.
  • Provide functional facilities and a congenial environment to support the school’s range of information needs
  • Maintain an adequate collection of Fiction and Non-Fiction books.
  • Provide a variety of non-book resources
  • Provide easy access to resources for the school community.
  • Provide materials to enrich, stimulate and implement the curriculum
  • Develop literacy skills and foster a love of Literature.
  • Assist in the development of effective learning and teaching strategies for information literacy.




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