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Our School Community

The St Mary’s community continues to be a place of welcome, support and safety. Many events run throughout the year provide rich experiences for our students, parents and teachers to come together as a community and celebrate what is special about the school and its members. The participation of our community in each of these events is tremendous and the hours put in behind the scenes in the planning and organising of each event ensures that each event achieves its desired outcome.


The Parents & Friends Association continues to engage families with the school and provide a platform for parents and guardians to get “hands on” in running the successful events. The Association continues to welcome families both new and old as well as it supports the school throughout the year. Parent Class Representatives work tirelessly to make strong connections between the classroom teacher and the class community. The school community understands that the school is partnering with them to provide high quality, personal, social and academic outcomes for their children.


St Mary’s continues to investigate ways to grow the partnership between Presentation College Windsor and Christian Brother’s St Kilda. Each year, the girls and boys from both schools make valued impacts on the students of St Mary’s. Activities such as the Bright Sparks Program, Sports Program, Community Service initiatives and combined school masses help to enhance the connection between the three schools.

The school concert and Art Show dazzle the school community and showcase the wonderful talents of our students. Kindergartens from around the community visit either the concert or Art Show during the day and they have expressed how impressed the students performances and art peices are. Thank you Christian Brother’s St Kilda for your ongoing support in allowing St Mary’s the use of the hall for the school concert.


2018 Annual Report to the School Community

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