Parent Testimonials

Education is the foundation of any child’s future – a strong primary education will set them up for a lifetime of learning, respect, dignity & inclusion. St Mary’s is a diverse co-educational, community driven school that has a dedicated team of passionate teaching professionals. The focus on social and emotional wellbeing of the students has made St Mary’s a stand out school for us. This has equipped both our boys with the tools, for beyond the school environment.  St Mary’s achieves this by building genuine relationships, whilst working together towards the same common goal. It is inspiring to be involved with such a committed and engaged group of parents through the P & F and have such an open and positive relationship with the principal, teachers and the wider school community. There are endless opportunities to get involved; assist in your child’s classroom learning, sporting activities or participating in various fundraising activities to support the school and St Mary’s Parish.
(Joanne – Parent)

I have been part of the St Mary's community for the past 9 years. It has been a nurturing environment for both my daughters and has provided them with a solid foundation, both socially and scholastically. The staff are warm and have always been both attentive and proactive in finding the best outcomes for both my daughters. In turn they are confident and resilient young ladies, who have been allowed to flourish in the supportive environment.
(Alex - Parent)

We have been a part of the St Mary’s school community for 6 years. First and foremost, we chose St Mary’s for its strong Catholic values and holistic approach to children’s education. We have been thoroughly impressed by the genuine sense of community fostered by everyone from the teachers and administration staff to the parents and principal himself.  The teachers are incredibly committed and passionate about teaching students, as evidenced by the academic performance of the school. Most importantly, there is a strong emphasis on learning, embracing diversity, overcoming challenges and compassion. We are very grateful to be part of this welcoming, safe and engaging school community! 
(David and Lisa - Parents)

When choosing a primary school for our boy, Leo, back in 2016, we toured four different schools. St Mary’s stood out for its feeling of warmth and inclusiveness. We were impressed by the enthusiasm of the parent volunteers who showed us around, and the sense that we would be welcomed into the community. We have felt not a single moment of regret since accepting the offer of a place in the 2017 Foundation intake. Now in Grade 3, Leo has been nurtured, supported and encouraged to excel by each of his four wonderful class teachers, the school leadership and support staff. Leo has developed strong friendships across cultural, gender and faith divides, which is a reflection of the school’s welcoming and inclusive attitudes. We have also developed new friendships amongst the parent community, and look forward to school social events and our regular Friday evening catch-ups as we cheer on (and coach!) our children’s St Mary's Slammers basketball team. 
(Graeme - Parent)

We have been part of the St Mary’s school community now for 8 years & It was very important for us to be part of a community that accepted diversity in every sense of the word.  In 2008 we were fortunate to meet the then parish priest of St Mary’s that was warm, wonderful, loved life & loved who we were. He welcomed us into the church & it was at that time we were convinced to take our children to the school.  St Mary’s school is the perfect environment for our girls, they receive the nurture, growth, teachings, confidence & warmth from the teachers.  They are always encouraged to do & be their best for who they are.  My girls have instilled respect, integrity, compassion & justice which are the values of St Mary’s & will take it forward in their next part of their lives. 
(Lisa - Parent)


Our son joined St Mary’s just four years ago and we have felt that in this short period of time that his academic performance, social and emotional well-being, and compassion towards others are consistently at the core of his daily learning experiences. This respectful and positive attitude is cultivated throughout the entire school community and has helped shape his strong sense of self beyond the classroom environment. Our son continues to thrive at St Mary’s both academically and emotionally because he understands what it means to belong to a community that cares. 
(Abby - Parent)

Our family have been part of the St Mary’s community for over 6 years now, and feeling incredibly fortunate to have our children commence at a school that is so warm, caring and inclusive. In our experience, our children’s teachers have always encouraged them to stretch and grow in their academic and artistic pursuits, and we have continued to see them thrive throughout their time at the school. John and Rose are better for the faith based ethos of St Mary’s, and this is reflected in their friendships, family relationships and general perspective of the world.
(Anne - Parent)

St Mary's is more than a school, its a Community. The parents, teachers, support staff, parish and surrounding secondary schools all contribute to the great community feel at our school. The leaders and teachers at St Mary's are hard working, dedicated and committed to the growth, individuality and creativity of our children.  I have witnessed this in the abounds of confidence and leadership both of my daughters show from being at this School. I love the commitment St Mary's shows to diversity and inclusivity as well as faith based learning to help build strong resilient children who will be well equipped for high school and beyond.
(Trinity - Parent)

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