Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony

St Mary's Primary School Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony by Uncle David . . .

A smoking ceremony is an ancient Aboriginal custom in Australia that has been used for tens of thousands of years.

It involves burning various native plants to produce smoke. Aboriginal people believe has cleansing properties and the ability to ward off bad spirits from the people and the land and make pathways for a brighter future.

When you see a smoking ceremony happening, it is a gift from the Aboriginal people. It is respectful to go through the smoke quietly and wave it over you and cleanse the past for a better future.

A smoking ceremony aims to cleanse the space where the event or meeting is taking place. It is performed by an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person who has specialised cultural knowledge, usually as part of a Welcome to Country or traditional welcome.

Smoking ceremonies are unique to each region and use local plants and materials.

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