St Mary’s offers a Literacy Program enriched by our own students’ voices and stories where all their attempts at being readers and writers, listeners and speakers, are respected and valued.


As the world of Literacy constantly changes, we acknowledge the importance of keeping abreast with current thinking in the acquisition of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Evidence based practices, which are conducive to improving the literacy levels of all our students, are implemented in line with MACS guidelines and the Victorian Curriculum. 


We are committed to providing programs which include both digital and printed texts, visual and spoken technologies and written forms of creating and expressing ideas. We value the importance of a well-resourced Library and developing in all students an appreciation of the English language and a love for Literature. We acknowledge that Literacy is the foundation to the students’ education at the heart of all areas of the curriculum. It is critical to lifelong learning and to successful interaction in our society.


All our students actively engage in literacy programs which incorporate a variety of practices, strategies and resources. Comprehension, grammar and spelling, with direct instruction in phonics and vocabulary, are taught explicitly in the context of reading and writing. 


Teaching sessions are organised and targeted to the individual needs of each student within the whole class, small group and one on one structures. Various forms of assessment are used to inform planning, deliver programs, differentiate teaching and track students’ growth. Intervention programs are designed and tailored  to individual needs for students who may need a more intensive literacy program to support their learning.


Parent Helpers in the junior classrooms are welcomed and encouraged to assist teachers and students. Home Reading is seen as a vital element in our home school partnership with all students being encouraged to read at home with their families on a regular basis.


We believe that it is important to provide a rich literacy learning environment that evokes enjoyment and love of reading and writing, listening and speaking and for all our students to achieve success.


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