Parents & Friends

Our Mission Statement

Encouraging and strengthening the school community and coordinating social and fundraising events for additions educational resources for our children.

How you can get involved with the Parents and Friends (P&F) Committee

  • Become a Class Representative
  • Join our School Wide Events Group (SWEG) (refer below for more detail)
  • Volunteer your skills for any of the P&F fundraisers
  • Attend the P&F meetings and put your ideas forward
  • Volunteer your time to be on the P&F Management Committee or fill the role as P&F Treasurer (when vacancies come up; please refer below for more detail)

What’s involved with being a Class Representative?

  • Being the main point of contact for your child’s class
  • Co-ordinating social events for parents and children for the class
  • Co-ordinating the fund raising events as outlined in the P&F calendar with the other class rep in that year
  • Liaising with the P&F Committee and other Class Representatives
  • Being involved with P&F Committee meetings
  • Distributing communication to parents for the class regarding missing clothing or other relevant information
  • Maintaining and distributing a contact list for your class
  • Having fun and enjoying contributing towards your child’s success at St Marys.


With P&F events each Class Rep works closely with the other Class Rep in their year (if there is two classes) in coordinating their dedicated P& F event.

P&F Committee Meetings

The P&F Committee meetings are open to ALL parents, guardians, friends and teachers. If you would like to get involved in the P&F Committee meetings and put your ideas forward, please mark your diary now for our next P&F Committee meeting. We look forward to seeing you there! For the P&F Committee meetings dates please refer to the P&F Committee Events Calendar of Events - see link above.

What is SWEG (School Wide Events Group)?

SWEG is a six person group who organise and coordinate the main P&F fundraising and social event for the year and also are involved with organising other school wide fundraising events as they may arise. 

Closer to the event there will be a call out for SWEG Supporters to help SWEG with the numerous jobs that will need doing to make the major activity a success!  If you are interested in supporting SWEG or getting involved in organising a specific fundraiser please contact

What is the P&F Management Committee?

This is a two person role responsible for managing and overseeing all P&F Committee events. They are responsible for liaising with the Class Representatives from each year, the P&F Treasurer, SWEG, St Mary’s Community leader and Principal.

They are responsible for writing the P&F update that appears every fortnight, chairing, preparing the agenda and taking the minutes for all P&F Committee meetings, and addressing all issues of fund raising and enquiry’s in relation to the P&F Committee whilst keeping in alignment with the P&F Mission statement.

They are also responsible in creating the P&F Committee Events Calendar in conjunction with the St Mary’s Principal so that school and P&F events work seamlessly together.

The P&F Management Committee is a two year term and is reviewed at that time.

P&F Treasurer Role

The P&F Treasurer role takes responsibility for the finances of the P&F Committee, arranges the banking for all monies raised at events and reports to P&F Committee on financial status of the P&F Committee funds. All reimbursements, once approved by P&F Management Committee, are arranged with the P&F Treasurer in line with the P&F Purchasing and Reimbursement Policy.

How do you contact the P&F Committee?

If you have any questions or queries please contact the P&F Management Committee at:

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