Religious Education

Religious Education attends to the spiritual development of each person, inviting relationship with God and a Christ-like stance towards others. It is a disciplined process of ‘faith seeking understanding’, through dialogue with the Catholic Tradition to develop students’ faith lives and their search for meaning and truth.

(Horizons of Hope, Catholic Education Melbourne, 2017)


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a welcoming faith community, that engages in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Our Catholic beliefs, teachings and values permeate all aspects of our school community. We uphold and accentuate the core beliefs of the Catholic Tradition and inspire members of the community to dialogue together, to enrich and connect our faith to life within the contemporary world.

St Mary’s school aims to further strengthen our Catholic Identity as an authentic Catholic community by:

●       Inviting learners to develop a deep and meaningful understanding of faith with Jesus as the central focus.

●       Drawing inspiration from the discipleship of Mary and the charism of Nano Nagle.

●       Experiencing the Catholic faith in a way that is meaningful and connected to real life.

●       Providing a rich Prayer, Liturgy and Sacramental program.

●       Enacting St Mary’s Mission, Vision and Values in our daily lives.

●       Fostering a partnership between the School and the Parish.

●       Implementing the Victorian Curriculum and the Catholic Education Melbourne, Religious Education Curriculum using Faith Based Inquiry learning.


Curriculum Planning and Assessment

-          Provide students with opportunities to engage in rich dialogue and learning experiences that integrate faith and life, permeated with a Catholic perspective and enhanced by the Catholic Social Teachings.

-          Design units of work engaging students in meaningful learning activities together with the Catholic Tradition and beliefs, thus enabling explicit connections between learning and the deepening of faith.

-          Embed the Renewed Religious Education Curriculum within the Faith Based Inquiry planning, teaching and assessment, making links with the Victorian Curriculum and the Inquiry Process.

Staff Formation

-          Support a deeper engagement with scripture, liturgy and prayer.

-          Strengthen our understanding of the Catholic Tradition to contribute effectively to the mission and Catholic identity of St Mary’s school.

Prayer, Liturgy and Sacramental program

-          Participate in daily prayer sessions where all students are invited to pray, enabling deeper encounters between faith and life and a personal encounter with God.

-          Celebrate the liturgical seasons and sacraments throughout the school year.

-          The celebration of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation providing an opportunity for our community to experience the richness of the signs and symbols of the Catholic faith and the nourishment of faith.

-          Deepen Students’ understanding of Faith Based values and the Catholic Tradition through their participation in Mass, Liturgy, Sacraments and a rich prayer environment.

Links to the Parish, wider community and Social Justice

-          Connect with the Parish and wider community through the reflection on social justice issues. Respond to these issues through actions to promote a just society, witnessing the Catholic identity through love, compassion and peace.

-          Build community links through partnerships with the Parish, Presentation College Windsor (PCW) and Christian Brothers College (CBC).

-          Create experiences that engage school families in a sustainable way into the broader life of the church through the Celebration of the Eucharist, prayer, liturgy, sacraments, experiences of pastoral care, outreach and social justice.

Faith Based Inquiry
At St Mary's we work together in developing Catholic Identity through Faith Based Inquiry.

This style of learning engages learners hermeneutically through the Catholic Tradition by providing opportunities to make deeper connections with our learning across the curriculum, exploring scripture and taking action within the broader community.

(St Mary’s Primary School staff, 2014)



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